Marriage Preparation Course - Feb 2024


13 February 2024
- 19 March 2024
February 13, 2024
- March 19, 2024
Tuesdays 13 Feb - 19 March 2024
- 21:00 SAST
Registration Closes
12 February 2024, 11:59pm
Per Couple

Course Overview
Investing in your relationship before marriage will reap rewards for many years to come. Happily married couples are the ones who have worked hard on how to resolve conflict, especially through sacrifice and compromise. So, if you proactively discuss your expectations ahead of time, your chances of leading a happy life together increase considerably.

Preparation for marriage will require you to invest time, money, effort, involving your church community and being diligent in your commitment. “Marriage prep means asking each other all the hard questions.”

You will need to know your partner along with learning about family and friends, interests and hobbies. Things like your partner’s past, best and worst moments, aspirations and dreams will help you know each other better. During marriage prep, we involve overseeing elders in some of the session, even the parents are welcome to join in at the very last session where we discuss how to merge two families together. It truly is a family affair and you will love each moment of it!

How long is the marriage prep?
The course runs over a period of 6 weeks, once a week for 2 to 2.5 hours per week.

Marriage Preparation Course - Feb 2024